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Hi, I'm YD, and I'd like to share a little bit about what I can do :)

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As a frontend developer, I specialize in developing enterprise-level POS applications. Since joining my current team, I've been involved in almost all of the major front-end projects, including writing the majority of the front-end code for our biggest payment system, which was launched first among all global teams. At the moment, I continue to deliver the latest features for this project.

Whether I have previous exposure to a problem or not, I'm always happy to be the first person to jump in and help. Although I love modern JavaScript frameworks, I'm not hesitant to solve issues related to legacy code, such as single-page applications written in jQuery or Backbone.js.

My preferred approach to coding is to keep it simple, readable, and scalable, even if that means sacrificing the DRY principle at times. While I'm not a big fan of TDD, I enjoy writing unit tests to ensure the quality of my code.


I enjoy working on backend development, and have experience building enterprise-scale applications using multiple languages. Many of our customers rely on our systems for their payment transactions, and I have been involved in developing our new payment system, webhooks, and other microservices.

My primary language for the backend of our core application is PHP, and for microservices, I typically use GO or AWS Lambda. However, Node.js is a personal favorite of mine. While I am familiar with MySQL, I am also happy to work with other managed databases.


I use AWS to deploy our applications, and I am familiar with a variety of AWS services, including EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, CloudWatch, S3, DynamoDB, Lambda, and others. I prefer to use Git-Flow and implement blue/green deployment through Alpha, Labs, and Prod environments.

I prefer docker and popular CI/CD tools such as CircleCI, Jenkins, and Terraform, but more than happy to use other tools.

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